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Thank you for your interest in the Free Edition of Verint Community!
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Here's Your Verint Community Free Edition

Hi charlie,

Thank you for your interest in the Free Edition of Verint Community!

We will soon reach out to you to ensure you have a seamless download and activation of the free edition.  In the meantime, please click below to start your download!

Download the Free Edition Now  (Version 11.1.0)

Next Steps

  1. Create an account in our community
    Our community is an invaluable resource to ensure your success.
  2. Follow the setup instructions
    Our installation guide walks you through the setup process step-by-step

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions?
Yes, please visit Verint Community Free Edition Licensing.

Does Verint offer a cloud / SaaS option?
Yes, contact us and we can set up a trial community for you in our SaaS environment.

I'm a developer, are there APIs and sample code?
Yes, please visit our developer documentation.

Is online training available?
Yes, please visit Verint Telligent University for Community Management Videos and Developer Training Resources.

We're here  to help you get started.  

If you need help troubleshooting or have any questions, feel free to visit this link and book a meeting:

Thanks again, 

The Verint Community Team

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