Best partner choice of Screws, Nuts, Bolts for Joshua James from professional manufacturer G-Alantic Taiwan

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Dear  Joshua James


Hope all is well


First of all, thank you for kind inquiry on our company,We appreciate you.


Before responding your request,  I would like to have a briefly introduction myself and our company to you. My name is Colin Chang of Sales Director and was at G-Alantic more than 28 years. Due to these experiences, please be confident that Colin Chang is able to supply you the best as you need.


G-Alantic Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and is a leading manufacturer in Taiwan. We specialized in "ODM" business , also is a well-known firm and gained credible in the global all the world.


In addition, in 1997 we already obtained a certificate of ISO 9001 till now. Meanwhile, we ensure professional knowledge, best efficiency, good service, unique design, supreme quality and reasonable price for customers. Hope this will help you have a broad understanding about us. And we are strongly believe Galantic would be your best partner in future.


**Please provide us the drawing of screw with its code of head , thread, length, materials, finished (color of coating or plating), drive,  screw thread, quantity and photo indicated on. It will better for us to give you an exact quote on the screw you need. **



Enclosed you short products information with specifications charts for reference. Hope we both establish a fruitful business relationship in a sooner time.


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描述: 描述: 描述: Ruspert Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: Titaniun Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: Self-Drilling Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: Hex Socket Cap Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: \\server\業務部文件夾\電腦部門\SALES6\26. 電腦-開發信專用目錄圖檔連結與QTN\開發信件專用圖檔\email用開發信圖檔\5.螺絲\Y2018\images\新版螺絲開發信-20180730_06.jpg

描述: 描述: 描述: Furniture Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: \\server\業務部文件夾\電腦部門\SALES6\26. 電腦-開發信專用目錄圖檔連結與QTN\開發信件專用圖檔\email用開發信圖檔\5.螺絲\Y2018\images\新版螺絲開發信-20180730_08.jpg

描述: 描述: 描述: Concrete Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: Self-Tapping Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: Hex Socket Set Screw

描述: 描述: 描述: Nuts

描述: 描述: 描述: ODM OEM Screw


For understanding more details, please kindly link to If you have any queries, please don't be hesitate to contact with me once for the efficient service again. 


Whatever, we are keen to cooperate and start our fruitful business as soon as possible. Hope to hear a good news from you soon. Thank you very much and wish you have a good day.


We are keen to cooperate and start our fruitful business as soon as possible. Hope to hear a good news from you soon.





Your favorable response would be greatly appreciated.
With Best Wishes,

Colin Chang
Galantic Tech Co., Ltd.
Tel: 886 2 3501 2282 ext 160

Fax:886 2 3501 2292
9F., No. 17, Daxue Rd., Sanxia Dist. 23741, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Alibaba Inquiry NotificationJoshua James from Canada has sent you an inquiry




描述: Jacky Lui

Joshua James

Joshua James Int



Galvanized Full Thread Square Neck Carriage Bolt

100000 Pieces     




Hi Colin Chang


Hello I am interested in the Thread and i will like to get them in wholesale Kindly get back to me when you get my message


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