The Progrm Weekly #22

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The Progrm Weekly #22

Bringing you the latest news and hottest tips from the world of The Progrm, CrossFit, Training and Lifestyle 🔥
The Crossfit world has been through A LOT these past few weeks, a series of "scandals" caused a big uproar in a community who didn't feel represented by the actions of Greg Glassman, former owner and CEO of Crossfit. Even after Glassman stepped down as CEO and Dave Castro took his place most fans of the sport were skeptical about the upcoming future. Flash forward to yesterday when Crossfit officially announced that the company was being bought by Eric Roza. Seemingly coming out of nowhere Eric is an affiliate owner and has an extensive career in tech. If you are curios to know more about Mr. Roza and his relationship with Crossfit keep on reading.
  • Not an overnight sensation: a quick scroll through Eric's LinkedIn profile will show how diversified his working experience is. With a graduate degree in Stanford School of Business and having worked for different tech/data companies as well as investment firms Roza seems to have quite an ambitious attitude when it comes to his career. He won't be new to the CEO position, his previous work at Datalogix brought the company onto both Fortune and Outside's Magazine lists of best places to work.
  • He's "one of us": upon being told that Crossfit was being bought by someone outside CFHQ many of us could be naturally skeptical of the new owner. It can be hard to understand the sport's community and "culture" if you're not actively part of it. In Mr. Roza's defense we know he's co-founder and owner of Crossfit Sanitas one of the brand's best gyms in Colorado. Additionally throughout his career in different establishments he has seemed to strongly support a health focus approach and he himself is an active individual both inside and outside the gym. We're hopeful that his experience as a member of the Crossfit community will allow him to improve the overall experience of the sport both for affiliate owners, athletes and weekend warriors.
  • Acta non verba: is our motto here at the Progrm and we're glad to see that it appears to also be the approach Mr.Roza is taking. In his Instagram post announcing his future as CEO of CF and addressing the community he stated "I come to you with deep humility and the realization that we have hard work to do. I am committed to listening, I am committed to learning, and I am committed to leading positive change." We're looking forward to see Eric in action and can only hope for the future of Cossfit to be much brighter here on out.
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