Brazil\'s second-largest grocery chain goes cage-free

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YOU make this possible.


We did it.

After almost four years of demonstrations in the streets, hard-hitting investigations, and online pressure, Brazil's second-largest retailer announced a precedent-setting animal welfare policy. GPA has agreed to eliminate from its supply chain cruel cages that confine hens for their entire lives and crates so small mother pigs are unable to turn around. 


Now the three largest retailers in Brazil—Grupo Big (previously Walmart), GPA, and Carrefour—have all pledged to stop selling eggs from hens raised in cages.


Without pressure from supporters like you, this wouldn't have been possible.


Last year, armed with video footage, we took to the streets of São Paulo to illuminate the cruel reality endured by laying hens. We invited passersby into a video installation we'd created—which they left shocked and appalled.


What did they see on screen? Millions of laying hens crammed in cages, each with less room than the space inside a shoebox. Hens, likely under two years old, suffered tremendous injuries. Some dead hens remained at the bottom of the cages, decomposing and being trampled by other birds.



Advocates like you signed petitions, donated, and helped us share these cruel realities with the world. With you standing by us, our team found new, innovative ways to create pressure, such as our video installation, vigils, and a video parodying the companyʹs jingle. 


Although GPA's commitment will reduce suffering for millions of hens each year, this fight isn't over. When you donate today through December 31, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.


Thank you for your continued support. We couldn't have done this without you.



Leah Garcés

8033 SUNSET BLVD, SUITE 864 | LOS ANGELES, CA 90046 | 866.632.6446

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