JCG Weekly: 5 Ways to NOT Mess Up Your Microservices, Truth Behind the Big Exceptions Lie

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Update: 2017-11-06
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Android Tutorial For Beginners With Examples
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Your Weekly Java Code Geeks Dose

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Swift for Open Source Developers

Learn how to write Swift scripts and run them from the command line, along with other tasks. In this guide, we will present the following topics: How to use the Swift REPL to evaluate Swift code, How to use arrays and dictionaries, Functions and the different types of function arguments, Compiling and running Swift from the command line.


Amazon Web Services For Dummies

(Free Sample Chapters) This easy-to-understand guide is the perfect introduction to the Amazon Web Services platform and all it can do for you. You'll learn about the Amazon Web Services tool set; how different web services (including S3, EC2, and Flexible Payments) and Glacier work; and how you can implement AWS in your project.

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Best of the Week from JCG

5 Ways to NOT F**K Up Your Microservices in Production (by Alex Zhitnitsky)
It seems like everyone are into microservices these days, while monolith architectures are just as popular as crumbling down old and abandoned castles. The public attention certain trends get is often exaggerated and doesn’t reflect what’s going on in practice, but this time it feels more like a consensus.

[MEGA DEAL] Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle (96% off) (by Ilias Tsagklis)
Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer.
We are offering the Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle for only $69 instead of the original price of $2,100, yeap that is a massive 96% off.

The Truth Behind the Big Exceptions Lie (by Alex Zhitnitsky)
Let’s break some myths. There is no tooth fairy. Santa isn’t real. TODO comments. finalfinalversion-final.pdf. Soapless soap. And… Exceptions are in fact exceptions. The latter might need some more convincing, but we got you covered.
Why I Prefer Merge Over Rebase (by Bozhidar Bozhanov)
There are many ways to work with git. The workflows vary depending on the size of the team, organization, and on the way of working – is it distributed, is it sprint-based, is it a company, or an open-source project...

Java 8: Default Method Resolution Rules (by Fahd Shariff)
With the introduction of default methods in Java 8, it is now possible for a class to inherit the same method from multiple places (such as another class or interface). The following rules can be used to determine which method is selected in such cases:

Latest JCG Examples

Hibernate Configuration File Tutorial
In this example, we will show how to configure hibernate. Hibernate requires to know in advance where to find all the mapping information related to java classes and database tables.
Android Tutorial For Beginners With Examples
There are lots of reasons why more and more people are interested in learing how to be able to develop Android applications. Unarguably, Android is the most popular mobile operating system, with almost 2 billion devices activated and it offers a unified approach
PowerMock Mock Static Method Example
In the Mockito Tutorial for Beginners, we did a general introduction to the Mockito mocking framework for JUnit tests. One the things that we did not see, was the mocking of static methods. That is because Mockito doesn’t allow to do that. 

MongoDB Node.js Tutorial
In the past examples we studied the basics of MongoDb and how tomanage and maintain the Mongo DB. In this example, we will demonstrate how we can use Node.js to communicate with the MongoDB server.

JavaFX HTML Editor Example
This is a JavaFX HTMLEditor Example. The HTMLEditor control provides a rich text editing capability to JavaFX application. It uses HTML as its data model. That is, the formatted text in HTMLEditor is stored in HTML format.

Best Web Code Geeks Articles

Metaprogramming in Ruby (by Leigh Halliday)
In this article, we’ll be looking at a few different aspects of metaprogramming in Ruby. For starters, what is metaprogramming? Metaprogramming is the writing of computer programs with the ability to treat programs as their data.
RequireJS Optimizer Example (by Dani Buiza)
RequireJS is an AMD JavaScript library that supports asynchronous file and module loading. It is optimized for web browser usage but it is also possible to use in Java or Node environments. It is compatible with all main browsers and quite intuitive to use. 
Triggering a Client Cache Refresh (by Alex Staveley)More and more web sites are using a single page style architecture.  This means there is a bunch of static resources (aka assets) including:-JS -CSS -HTML templates -Images...

Best System Code Geeks Articles

Nagios alternatives: Centreon and Icinga (by Gabriel Canepa)
In this course, we provide a compilation of Nagios tutorials that will help you set up your own monitoring infrastructure. We cover a wide range of topics, from installation and configuration, to plugins and NRPE. With our straightforward tutorials,..
How to install the Apache web server (CentOS / Ubuntu Linux Installation) (by Gabriel Canepa)
In this course, we provide a compilation of Apache HTTP Server tutorials that will help you get started with this web server. We cover a wide range of topics, from installing the server and performing a basic configuration, to configuring Virtual Hosts and SSL support.
Apache URL rewrite example: Rewriting and redirecting URLs with mod_rewrite (by Gabriel Canepa)
n this course, we provide a compilation of Apache HTTP Server tutorials that will help you get started with this web server. We cover a wide range of topics, from installing the server and performing a basic configuration, to configuring Virtual Hosts and SSL support. 

New and Noteworthy from the Community

Wiring Microservices with Spring Cloud
As we move towards microservice-based architectures, we're faced with an important decision: how do we wire our services together? Components in a monolithic system communicate through a simple method call, but components in a microservice system likely..

3 Reasons Agile Will Not Succeed
I’ve written about Agile and Scrum before and most of my regular readers know that I am a huge fan.  But recently I am starting to believe the Agile movement is doomed.  In fact, the most common response to my enthusiasm for Agile and Scrum is...

The Image Optimization Technology That Serves Millions Of Requests Per Day
This article will touch upon how Kraken.io built and scaled an image optimization platform which serves millions of requests per day, with the goal of maintaining high performance at all times while keeping costs as low as possible.

Validating JWT with Spring Boot and Spring Security
For my current project I will have a REST API set up with Spring Boot (most likely running with BoxFuse). To be able to use the API endpoint the application will check that the incoming request has a valid JWT token provided earlier

Illusory Superiority: Are you a good programmer?
Programmers are known to be proud of their work. Some developers even feel that writing elegant code is a form of art, and thus they call themselves “software craftsmen”. 

Notes on Reactive Programming Part II: Writing Some Code
In this article we continue the series on Reactive Programming, and we concentrate on explaining some concepts through actual code samples. The end result should be that you understand a bit better what makes Reactive different, and what makes it functional. 

Configure Once, Run Everywhere: Decoupling Configuration and Runtime
Two years have come and gone since the gallant attempt by Credit Suisse and Oracle to start a JSR for Java EE configuration went belly up. Reasons for the demise were numerous, and it is not our objective here to elaborate on the details. Suffice it to say that even though the official ...

Blast from the Past !

5 Features in Java 9 that WILL Change How You Develop Software (and 2 That Won’t)
Don’t get distracted by the relative silence lately around Java 9. The JDK committers are hard at work preparing the next release, expected to befeature complete just a few months away on December 2015.

A Developers Perspective on Spring vs JavaEE
In Java community Spring vs JavaEE is a never ending debate. In such debates people form two groups consisting of evangelists, architects and hard core fans of one platform and debate endlessly.

Using Camel, CDI inside Kubernetes with Fabric8
I recently blogged about Injecting Kubernetes Services with CDI. In this post I am going to take things one step further and bring Apache Camelinto the picture.
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