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Dear Shiban Ashiq, Welcome to FreeHostia and thank you for signing up. We are one of the fastest growing free hosting providers and there is an understandable reason for this. We have a unique cloud web hosting platform, a fully-featured free hosting plan with no forced ads and low-cost paid hosting plans with great features. You will have the chance to see for yourself that we provide a first-class service. We will be very happy if you spread the word about FreeHostia in your favorite social network or just tell your friends about us. Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/freehost/. This way, you will help our mission of making FreeHostia's free, 24/7-support-backed-up hosting service available to as many people as possible. ------------------------------------------------- This email contains important data about your web hosting account for gosocialey.com. ------------------------------------------------- Your account username is: shiash6 You can set your password and access your Control Panel here: https://cp.freehostia.com/login/account-setup/?key=f36d508e9817dd6486cba24c0 ------------------------------------------------- Your website will be accessible here: http://gosocialey.com ------------------------------------------------- EMAIL information: To create emails, please log into the Control Panel and go to the Emails section. POP3 server: mbox.freehostia.com SMTP server: If you use the FREE hosting plan, then you can't use our SMTP server. If you use any of the paid plans - the SMTP server is mbox.freehostia.com IMPORTANT - the SMTP server requires login and password. In Outlook select 'My server requires authentication'. In other email clients this option has a similar name. ------------------------------------------------- You can enable FrontPage Extensions from the Hosted Domains section of the Control Panel. ------------------------------------------------- If you are using our services for the first time, you can find a lot of useful information in the Help section of the Control Panel. You can also visit our forum: http://forum.freehostia.com/ If you have any questions, please log into the Control Panel and go to the Help section. If you do not find your answer there, feel free to open a new ticket and our 24/7 support will reply shortly. Best Regards Free Hostia Team

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