Confirm your email address for your Microsoft account

Create: 2017-06-19
Update: 2018-03-23
Score: 0
Safe: Yes

Hi, It looks like you added an email address as a Microsoft account alias. - Added NOTE: If you're not already logged in to this account, you will need to log in using an email address that has already been verified. If you added this email address as an alias, use this link to verify:*DSx9AHTIegUCna562okEU8OqoRz8UPlqwSeuGM0!LbAXXYHK6oH5H!fWB8qHU3U19b9z0D6gLlJuTiO1igNSZaE%24& If you didn't make this request, use this link to cancel:*DSx9AHTIegUCna562okEU8OqoRz8UPlqwSeuGM0!LbAXXYHK6oH5H!fWB8qHU3U19b9z0D6gLlJuTiO1igNSZaE%24& Thanks, The Microsoft account team

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