By now he drove

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Goog evening, Correligionist.

Kovrin put out the light and lay down to sleep,lay for a long time with his eyes closed, but could not get to sleepbecause, as he fancied, the room was very hot and Tanya talked in hersleep.
She wanted to say somethingwounding to him, but immediately she caught herself in this antagonisticfeeling, she was frightened and went out of the bedroom.
But a penny piece comes in useful, and I shall sell that iron for a lot and be real rich—rolling rich.
When a little later Kovrin went into the garden, Yegor Semyonitch andTanya were walking side by side along an avenue as though nothing hadhappened, and both were eating rye bread with salt on it, as both werehungry.
"And it feels as though all the world were watching me,hiding and waiting for me to understand it.
After some time the magician rejoined the severed box halves, unfastened the buckles, and fluttered his wand, and she was whole again.

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