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Portrait of Amareli Xhan

Amareli Xhan

Los fundadores somos una Médico Veterinaria Zootecnista y un Ingeniero Mecatrónico, por lo cual hemos tenido dificultades al desarrollar una marca, identidad, publicidad y llegar al mercado meta, además de concretar las ventas, por lo cual solicitamos su ayuda, ya que hemos estado resolviendo todos los problemas únicamente entre dos personas.

Expertise Needed: Accounting and Finance, International, Marketing
Industry: Animals/Pets
Location: México, México, Mexico

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Portrait of Msizi Bukula

Msizi Bukula

I want my business to get on the ground and stands on its own, I want to quit my 9 to 5 and focus on building my company and perhaps recruit employees. I want someone to guide me each and every step of the way and help me to be an entrepreneur be able to handle money and and give me business strategies. I have tried marketing my business for more customers it has work but still I see I haven't done enough.

Expertise Needed: Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Starting Up
Industry: Online/Social Media
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

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Portrait of Atanga Edmond  Abisiwine

Atanga Edmond Abisiwine

Financial challenges.

Expertise Needed: Management, Sales, Technology and Internet
Business: hosanna's Farms
Industry: Agriculture/Farming/Ranching
Location: Ghana

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Omodiagbor Ebhotemen

How is go about the Business

Expertise Needed: Starting Up
Business: brilliant idea international
Industry: Digital Marketing/E-Commerce/Social Media
Location: Nigeria

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Portrait of Raymond Kunsa

Raymond Kunsa

Time and resources

Expertise Needed: Accounting and Finance, Sales, Technology and Internet
Business: Rays Juice
Industry: Food Products/Grocery
Location: Uganda

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