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make up a warrior of light
a scholar wol
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zucchini loaf @ 5.3 spoilers
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Golden Waffles
the whole adult swim trend on tiktok is like the best thing on that app

[here are some of favorites]
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Sci-Fi World Museum

We're doing our best to make our museum Hall of Superheroes diverse. The problem is, most of the life size figures produced are white and male.

How important is it to you to see a mix?
Extremely important
A little bit important
Couldn't care less
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they are so right as you get close to 10k people begin to get so much weirder at you
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Josh Taylor
Why are these f**kwits jake & Logan Paul even being giving airtime on the boxing outlets. These guys are total clowns & as soon they go into a real fight, they gonna get hurt bad & it will reflect badly on the sport. Stop giving these turkeys the attention they so badly seek 🤦🏻‍♂️
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