Hello man.

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Update: 2018-07-14
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Good day my man. I took your e-mail from the brides agency! I send the photograph! I hope you enjoy portrait! Do you like my appearance? Call me Elena. I am 35,5 years old. I think that you a nice guy! I found out that in our time many woman meet real love on the global network. And I decided to use this way too! I interested in you, and I decided to meet you! Who can know, perhaps we are each other's destiny? How other men and women in the World Wide Web! I should to say, that I'm solely interested a long-term relations. I am not want solely games or a virtual flirting! I do not want to miss time on this! All I dream is to know person with whom I will find happiness in perpetuity! Please tell me a bit info about your life? If you have the recent portrait, I would gladly have looked it! I shall wait for your email! Lenulika!

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