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Girls Wanna Have Fun

32 episodes are now 1 ticket off!
Event Period: until Feb. 21 (PST)

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New Anime: Fucked by My Best Friend

Pre-release episode available for free!

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Free Comics

Kai, a Freshman in High School, Is 20 Years Old.

Genre: Girls

Artist: Ryohei Muga

Ep. 1 to 3 FREE! until Feb. 28 (PST)

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Now Available

One Cat Knight in the Dragon Knights Clan

Genre: Shonen

Artist: Oze Haruca

What the heck is a "cat knight"!? Transported to another world where cats don't exist, he has only his beloved cat to rely on. And... she's been turned into a giant!

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Now Available

Are You Prepared To Be My Girl?

Genre: TL

Artist: Luna Kanihara

Publisher: Mobile Media Research

Mai, a poor university student, was chosen to be a cosmetic model by a rich celebrity, Saionji. Mai doesn't understand why she was chosen, but Saionji teases her with a kiss saying "you have beautiful skin." Mai feels like she's falling for him, but wonders if he's just playing with her. It's a love story of a poor girl and a rich boy.

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Girls Discount

Mr. Suda is Housekeeper at the Age of 17

Genre: Girls

Artist: Machi Kanna

1 ticket off! Ep. 2 to 8 until Feb. 22 (PST)

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