Re: Comment on Wow Really? Listen To This Woman Explain Why Her Little Brother Shouldn’t Of Been Killed While Robbing A Family Dollar!

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"Lol every year u weirdos pushdoomsday back a year🤣🤣"
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Tyrone #CRIP🔵♿️🔵♿️

Lol every year u weirdos pushdoomsday back a year🤣🤣

9:38 a.m., Saturday Oct. 12 | Other comments by Tyrone #CRIP🔵♿️🔵♿️

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Tyrone #CRIP🔵♿️🔵♿️’s comment is in reply to Trap:

in 2029 Asteroid Apophis is gonna end this pos world
its long overdue to be honest

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