July 27: Actions for today

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alex —

Victory! Basketball star Maya Moore started a petition to demand a fair trial for Jonathan Irons. As a teenager, Jonathan was wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. Earlier this month, with the support of hundreds of thousands of people like you, Jonathan was freed! 

After starting her petition, Maya left the W.N.B.A. in 2019 to focus entirely on helping Jonathan find freedom. She used the Change.org platform to raise awareness of Jonathan’s case and helped his family with your support. Change can happen — and now Jonathan is a free man. Read Maya’s petition here and watch the video explaining just how important cases like this are.

Your action for today:

Protests for Black lives continue in Portland, Oregon. Over the weekend, news reports spread about federal police forces on the streets. These officers hauled protesters away in unmarked cars for the crime of standing up for what they believe in. You can help these protesters by donating to the Portland Protester Bailout Fund today.

Donate to the fund

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