[kovidgoyal/kitty] Line height config not work for emoji (#2873)

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Line height config not work for emoji

To Reproduce
font_size 12
adjust_line_height 17

Expected behavior


Environment details
OS: macOS big sur beta

adjust_line_height 17
background         Color(red=35, green=41, blue=45)
color0             Color(red=35, green=41, blue=45)
color1             Color(red=239, green=78, blue=124)
color10            Color(red=9, green=179, blue=153)
color11            Color(red=247, green=149, blue=50)
color12            Color(red=18, green=153, blue=173)
color13            Color(red=160, green=103, blue=171)
color14            Color(red=9, green=179, blue=153)
color15            Color(red=253, green=253, blue=253)
color2             Color(red=110, green=187, blue=130)
color3             Color(red=247, green=149, blue=50)
color4             Color(red=18, green=153, blue=173)
color5             Color(red=160, green=103, blue=171)
color6             Color(red=9, green=179, blue=153)
color7             Color(red=222, green=223, blue=223)
color8             Color(red=66, green=71, blue=75)
color9             Color(red=243, green=112, blue=85)
cursor             Color(red=80, green=115, blue=184)
font_family        jetbrainsmono nerd font
font_size          12.0
foreground         Color(red=253, green=253, blue=253)

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