[Cloudflare]: The nameservers for logintg.ru no longer point to Cloudflare

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Create: 2024-01-28
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The nameservers for logintg.ru no longer point to Cloudflare. They now point to: [not set] [not set] [not set] [not set] [not set] This change means that logintg.ru is no longer using Cloudflare and will not receive the benefits of our security and performance services. Your DNS records will be completely removed from our system in 7 days. If the nameserver change was in error, reactivate your domain by pointing your nameservers back to: celeste.ns.cloudflare.com peter.ns.cloudflare.com Once you have completed this change, click the “Check Nameservers” button in your Cloudflare dashboard to ensure your domain stays active on Cloudflare. Visit the Cloudflare dashboard: https://www.cloudflare.com/a/overview/logintg.ru Thanks, The Cloudflare Team