Re: [NixOS/nixpkgs] systemd: build with cryptsetup support, add cryptsetup generators (#66856)

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Create: 2020-05-24
Update: 2020-05-24
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@flokli pushed 8 commits.

  • 98b954d systemd: build with cryptsetup and cryptsetup-generators
  • afc6137 systemd: substituteInPlace paths to mkswap and mke2fs (used in new cryptsetup-generator.c)
  • b82bf16 systemd-cryptsetup-generator: remove
  • b322f24 systemd_with_lvm2: remove
  • eb03c0a nixos/systemd: add tmpfiles from lvm2
  • 3b7d76b lvm2: make --enable-cmdlib optional
  • 00a1e53 lvm2: don't embed ./configure line in lvm2 binary
  • 88bc0a1 lvm2: add multiple output support

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