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Matthew Oates
My case rests...…
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Honey G. 💛
Cooling down on our walk!
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Sea turtles need clean beaches to lay eggs. Use your voice #ProtectOurCoast from the expansion of dangerous offshore oil drilling and spilling:
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Nathan Jones
Visit to the Sallow at Peene Quarry to feed the rescued Purple Emperor larvae. Chalk Carpet moth & 7 early autumn butterfly species flying; Speckled Wood, Adonis Blue, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral & lots of Small Copper, inc ab. obsoleta @kentbutterflies
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Cats and Kittens
Have you ever wondered what your #cats get up to when you’re at work?
Have you ever walked in on your kitty and they have that “guilty” look on their face?
Take a look at these fun pictures and you’ll know exactly what we mean !!
CLICK to view >…
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Chris van Swaay
Still Queen of Spain Fritillaries (Issoria lathonia) around in inland NL. Although a climate opportunist, a pleasant addition to the local butterfly fauna.
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