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First and foremost, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.
These are trying and uncertain times. We’re working safely and remotely — at full speed.
Escort-Ads is 100% operational, and we continue to serve our customers with the same integrity and passion as we did before this crisis.
We remain by your side, and are ready to help, we are offering discounted rates during the crisis.
We are offering 40% discount on all ad packages in July!
There's nothing more important to us than the well-being of our customers. Most of you are turning to online work, but if you are accepting bookings again, we are committed to supporting our community and doing more for you.
Do not forget to take advantage of tis month's promotional special as we are currently offering 40% off sitewide in July simply enter the promotional code JULPA upon checkout.
Pick Your Ad Package
1 month Basic ad - regular price $18 – now with extra 40% OFF: $10,80
1 month Premium ad - regular price $36 – now with extra 40% OFF: $21,60
1 month VIP ad - regular price $70 – now with extra 40% OFF:
1 month SUPER VIP Billboard ad - regular price $138 – now with extra 40% OFF:
How to take advantage of this special offer?
1. Login to your Escort-Ads account
2. At "My Account" select the UPGRADE tab from the top menu
3. Select the package you wish to purchase and continue to payment page.
4. On the next page you will be able to apply the coupon code.
Don’t forget to use promo code JULPA at checkout!
Anonymous Payment
We also offer external (off-site) payment methods.
If you wish to pay with Prepaid Cards (including Visa, Privacy Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club), or with a PayPal account, PayPal Credit, or bank transfer, now we offer a safe custom checkout link via third-party checkout, where you are not paying directly to our site, it’s safe and discreet.
To request a custom checkout link, please send us an email to contact@mmmediasupport.com or you can use the links below to purchase a 1 month ad package.
1 month Basic ad - $10,80 Upgrade
1 month Premium ad - $21,60 Upgrade
1 month VIP ad -
$42 Upgrade
1 month SUPER VIP Billboard ad -
$82,80 Upgrade
Please forward the confirmation to help@escort-ads.com, and your featured ad will be published within 24 hours.
To request a Bitcoin invoice, please contact us at contact@escort-ads.com
Have you tried our New Features?
If you have considered selling custom photos and videos, live cam sessions, phone sex, sexting, skype sessions, virtual date or gfe in the past, now is the time to really pursue it. More and more people getting used to the idea of paying for a personalized experience online. You can try converting your existing regulars or your social media followers to paid customers for your online content and services.
Now you can find a new Online Services section on your profile page, and you can add your online services and content info, including the donation rates from your account dashboard at:
MY ACCOUNT – Profile - Online Services
Site visitors are now able to filter these profiles under "Advanced Search", they are able to search for Virtual Companions and specifically for providers who offer Online Services and Content.
We encourage you to share this info with your friends, to help others who may need some extra assistance during this difficult period. 
Help With Screening
There are now over 63,000 registered male members (from these over 5,700 are VIP members) on Escort-Ads.
We have implemented additional verification for our male members to help with screening and to keep the website safe and secure. They will need to upload a photo holding a government issued photo ID, and we will manually check and approve it. Also their info will need to match their billing info.
There are 5 types of clients on Escort-Ads:
1. Site Visitors
2. Registered Members – with confirmed email address
3. VIP Members – with confirmed email address, and with verified billing info
4. Verified Members – with confirmed email address, and with verified photo and ID
5. Verified VIP Members - with confirmed email address, with verified billing info, and with verified photo and ID
When answering a PM, always check the clients profile, look for the 100% Verified badge and the VIP plan.
We have a Bad Clients section accessible from your account, this is our safety feature where you can exchange information about bad clients. Check to see if your new clients are safe before you book them.
You can warn other providers about dangerous clients, and add them to the list at https://www.escort-ads.com/account/bad-clients
Check out our Forum, there is an option to introduce yourself there as well.
From this pandemic, we will reunite more bonded than ever before. Until then, the vast resources and ingenuity of our vibrant community will see us through and we call on everyone to dig deep to support one another during this time of need.
We want to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our services. We value the trust you have put in our services and would like to thank you for that. We appreciate your business and hope to keep you in our long list of satisfied and much valued customers.
Much success to you,
xoxo Escort-Ads Team
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