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Reach the Right People With New Enhancements to Segmentation

New Segmentation Filters

Mailjet’s Segmentation feature just got an upgrade. We’ve added new conditions to help you refine your segments and optimize your emailing strategy.  

- If you create segments based on Email address, our new filters help you target emails that “contains” a suite of letters, or “does not contain”, “starts with” or “ends with”. As an example, this helps you target recipients and take actions like removing addresses starting with “support@”, or selecting all customers who work at a specific company with addresses ending in“”.

- When a segment is based on Date, the new filters include “is NOT in the last”, “is NOT in the next”. As an example, this helps you target recipients whose renewal subscription date is NOT in the next month (supposing here the renewal date is stored as a contact property).

Set Up Refined Conditions

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Why Is Segmentation so Important? 

Email marketing is not just about creating and sending a message to an entire audience regardless of its relevance to each contact. According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns. The more relevant the message is to your subscriber, the more likely it is that they will act on it.

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