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1 product image Goldlion Lid Stand Silicone Lid Holder Accessories Compatible with Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer 5 Qt, 6.5 Qt and 8 Quart, Black

Dear customer friend,

Tina again. By now Amazon should have delivered the Goldlion Lid Stand for Ninja Foodi Black. I'm not sure if you have had time to try out. Customer voice is important, if there's anything that you're not happy with, please reply to this email. I’ll do everything in my power to solve and bright the joy back. 

We truly appreciate every customer and want you to be completely satisfied, I attached the ebook Keto Ninja Foodi Cookbook for Beginners for your bonus, hope you like it.  

If you are happy with this purchase, could you please do us a favor? We run a small business, customer review is very important to us, it would be highly appreciated if you can take a moment to write a review on Amazon here:

Thank you very much.


Tina from Goldlion


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