[helm/charts] [stable/jenkins] GCS backup memory leak (#22924)

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Describe the bug
When running the Jenkins chart in a GKE cluster with backup enabled to a location in Google Cloud Storage the pod running the backup crashes because out of memory.
Backup container: image: maorfr/kube-tasks:0.2.0

          - args:
            - simple-backup
            - -n
            - default
            - -l
            - app.kubernetes.io/instance=test-jenkins
            - --container
            - jenkins
            - --path
            - /var/jenkins_home
            - --dst
            - gcs://bucket

The backup job restarts 7 times before stopping.

Version of Helm and Kubernetes: 2.1.0

Which chart: stable/jenkins

What happened: Backup container restarts multiple times without any error in logs. Memory usage indicates out of memory

What you expected to happen: A successful backup

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible): setup Jenkins with some data (so that backup size is big enough). Make backup to GCS.

Anything else we need to know:

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