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This is open to anyone to offer a suggestion.

mpv is a popular media player. It has both a formula and a cask. The former does not provide an .app, but the latter does, because we want to have a clear separation of formulae and casks and avoid shipping GUIs in formulae.

The issue is that many users want the app bundle but there’s no official source to get it. In these cases, if upstream recommends a third-party build we’ll accept it as officially sanctioned. But in this instance they’re calling the builds they link to—and that we use—“Unofficial third-party builds”.

In other words, by providing mpv as a cask, we’re not following our own rules. How should we handle this?

Extra notes

As a fan of mpv, the way I handle it for myself is with a custom formula, based on the Homebrew/core one with head and the commands to build the bundle. I do it not because I don’t trust the source in the cask, but because mpv releases are arbitrary and rare; all they care about is HEAD, so that’s what I want.

If you want to take this matter up with upstream, I’ll request we discuss it here first, as a few of their maintainers are extremely biased and openly hostile towards macOS. I’ve experienced some of them who were not even part of a discussion join in just to insult macOS users.

If you intend to engage with upstream on your own, please be nice and respectful. Do not take it personally and keep the focus on technical terms for the conversation to be productive. Asking them to provide compiled app bundle would be a waste of time, but if you’re willing to do the leg work—make it fit into their build system and maintain it—you may have a shot.

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