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Hi there! 👋

Fer here, head of Product at Landbot, I hope you're doing just fine during these strange months. Today we have something very special to share with you: we're introducing Landbot 3.0 🤖
Landbot 3.0 - Goodbye chatbots, hello conversational Apps 👋
Landbot 3.0 is the evolution of what we consider a 'chatbot'. We'd rather call it 'Conversational App' as it integrates in real-time all the tools you use, while maximizing the engagement with a conversational UX and web-based UI elements.

It would mean a lot if you can support us on Product Hunt 😻

See Landbot 3.0 on Product Hunt

All that being said, here are some of the exciting things we’re introducing today:

🏆 Landbot 3.0 + Multi-questions — Brand new chatbot UI/UX, now with the ability to combine multiple input formats in a single message to boost conversions with “form-like” experience.

⚡️ Formulas — Perform complex data operations instantly, such as working with arrays and regex. Your bot is now a math genius!

🔌 Integrations section — Manage your connected accounts, view error logs, and newly added Zendesk integration.

📊 Metrics section — New analytics section to view performance by bot, agent, or for the entire account.

(If you don’t see these features, go to Settings > Experiments > enable features)

If you already have a Landbot account, log in and discover what’s new! If you don’t, create yours for free now following this link.

Flow on! ✊

Co-founder & Head of Product

Our mailing address is:
París, 82
Barcelona, 08029

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