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This year's International System Dynamics Society Conference was hosted virtually from Bergen, Norway. It was a whole new experience, but that didn’t stop isee systems, along with hundreds of fellow Society members, from sharing, learning, teaching, and discussing new and old ideas in the field. 

If you were unable to attend the Conference or missed some sessions, we would like to highlight the sessions hosted by isee systems. 

The sessions below have been recorded and are available at the zoom links below for people who registered for the conference. 

  • Automated Diagram Generation to Build Understanding and Usability: Demonstrates how causal loop diagrams are automatically generated from model behavior and how stock and flow diagrams are generated from model equations. 
  • Inferring Causality in Feedback Systems by Combining Neural Nets and Ordinary Differential Equations: Presents a new causal network learning algorithm based on the construction and analysis of a non-linear system of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs). The constructed system provides insight into the mechanisms responsible for generating the past and potential future behavior of dynamic systems. 
  • The Effect of Food, Housing and Skills Interventions on Individual Life Trajectories:  The Haven is a charitable organization providing food, housing, counseling, and life skill support for people in need. We develop a simple model of an individual’s life trajectory that can be used to understand how Haven interventions impact individuals. 
  • Finding the Loops that Matter™: To provide the Loops that Matter metrics, it is necessary find the set of loops on which to compute them. We show the necessity of including loops that are important at different points in the simulation.  
  • Seamlessly Integrating Loops That Matter™ into Model Development and Analysis:  The Loops that Matter methodology automatically shows which loops are dominating behavior at each point in time and generates simplified causal loop diagrams from a user adjustable set of important loops. We describe the challenges of implementing these tools into a fully functioning model development environment along with the solutions developed. 
  • The Curated Collections of Jay Forrester 2. Promising: Economic Dynamics: Two Years from Completion: This work in progress describes what needs to be done on the models that Jay was working with to bring Economic Dynamics to fruition. 

In addition, we held four workshops: 

Getting Started with Stella 
Automated Loop Dominance Analysis in Stella using Loops That Matter 
Building and Sharing Online Simulations Using Stella 
Optimization and Calibration with Stella 


isee systems | 31 Old Etna Road, Suite 7N | Lebanon, NH | 03766

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