Re: [Homebrew/homebrew-cask] Make `zap` a requriement (#86432)

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Below are my thoughts on this:

  • I don't think appcast should be moved from Required to Optional, as there are many casks for which there is no suitable appcast; and of course there are casks that use version :latest and sha256 :no_check and thus by definition do not have an appcast.

  • For zap the simplest way to find any user files and the shared resources associated with a particular cask in my opinion is to run the command sudo find / -iname "*{search item}*" and an inspection of the output (well, at least that is how I do it). I do think it is fine to also mention the "CreateZap Project" and an app such as "AppCleaner" as other examples.

  • As for making the zap Required for new casks, I do not agree with this. In my years of using homebrew-cask I have found that the zap stanza is greatly influenced by the macOS version and the version of the cask, and can change quite a lot -- see this issue, for example. I have also found that one has to use a particular cask for a while (involving opening the app, creating new files, opening existing files, saving new and existing files, exporting, etc.) before one would get a complete list of user files and shared resources associated with a particular cask -- the many contributors to homebrew-cask (and the other cask repo's) already do a great job of adding and /or updating the zap stanza based on their personal experience of using the app, and this should continue to be encouraged.

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