I do not want to waste my life without love.

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Hallo, sir!!!!
Finally I had a chance to write you a letter.
I I have just started using Internet and it is easy to understand why I did not risk to send you a letter as soon as it occurred to me.
But today I feel a better person, I my good spirits are with me and I wish to start a new romance.
Now you see why I am addressing you my timid message having a hope that you will accept it and right me back.
My name is Shorena.
In real life I did not have a chance to get to know the man of my dreams, and so I‘m in the hope that maybe I chanced to make mine a caring, powerful fellow to love and spend our lives together in the virtual reality.
I will gladly tell you my background in future letters.
I hope you won‘t hesitate and answer me as soon as you can..
Please, always use my personal e-mail address for sending me answers.
I am in the hope that my message touched the deepest cords of your soul and you are interested in answering me! I give you my pics.
I am hoping that you will like them! I‘ll wait for your message and your photographs.
See you!
Sincerely yours Shorena.
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