Re: [Homebrew/homebrew-cask] Add new cask for Apache Cayenne (#86254)

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Size: 2247 Bytes
Create: 2020-07-23
Update: 2020-07-23
Score: 0
Safe: Yes

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I know what the official name of the project is because I've worked on that project for over ten years. So yes, I do know what it is called and I know what people would expect to search for.

You’re missing the point. Even if you give it the “correct” name, someone else might not in a future submission and we also won’t know, generating a duplicate.

If not, you want me to name it after one component in this list of components

I want you to rename it after the app bundle, like all other casks.

I'm ignoring this zap conversation since I have no idea what you are looking for here. Some way to uninstall the app?


Doesn't Homebrew already know which files to delete since it put them there?

The zap is for the files you didn’t, such as preference files.

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