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I finished a quick start by myself by rewriting the version from Aurelia v1 to Aurelia v2. I am not sure if you want to include more Aurelia 2 specific things in the Todo App, but IMHO it serves its purpose as a simple and quick intro to Aurelia.

I started working on a personal rewrite of the Contact Manager App of Aurelia v1 as well, but I quickly got blocked by missing/failing routing functionality, which is obviously still in development.

I also noticed that the code samples in the "Setting The Title" section of the Routing - Configuration and Setup page are not working. So I took the time and the liberty to check the history of the router.ts file in the @aurelia/router package, and it turns out that the IRouterOptions interface does not seem to have had a title property. Ever. (Well, not since Jürgen Wenzel renamed property useBrowserFragmentHash to useUrlFragmentHash on 2019-08-26 09:12:40. Since you use the useUrlFragmentHash property in your sample code, I assume I do not have to search in earlier commits for the existence of the title property.) Also the INavigatorOptions interface (declared in file navigator.ts in package @aurelia/router), from which IRouterOptions inherits, never seemed to have had a title property at any time in history either. I understand that the Aurelia 2 project is still in alpha development phase, so perhaps the title property is not yet implemented. Nevertheless, I consider it to be somewhat strange that your documentation already seems to document such future features. It is very confusing at least. Can you please share your information about where your title property is described or proposed? Thank you very much in advance.

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