Cathy ✨ Tweeted: When God Weaves Your Love Story

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Cathy ✨
When God Weaves Your Love Story
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Fashion PULIS
Read the latest blind item on Fashion PULIS: Secret Rendezvous
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Haydee Figuracion
My parents asked me how old am I gonna be tmrw, just to verify lol. When I said I'm going 25, they then asked me when I'm gonna get married. I told them idk, I'm not thinking about having a bf yet either.
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nina 🐼
RT @mariecoii: Take risks. We’re all gonna die anyway.
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Rafiela Yanong
soooo the only 5 boys of our class decided to surprise us girls with this for valentines day......... ☹️❤️
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jma 教師マッシュ
Sleep time 🤣
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