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Amanda Robson
After ~1 year at Cowboy focused entirely on seed, my frameworks for investing at this stage have changed.

Still (and forever) learning, but sharing my current thoughts on seed investing ✍️
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let me know how i can be helpful
This is what VC Twitter has turned into ... and I don't totally hate it…
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Melissa King
Let’s make my Kimchi Peach Vinaigrette from Top Chef & my kimchi brussels sprouts together! The class will be recorded so if you register you will still get access
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alex guarnaschelli
Dry them for winter.…
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Nisha Dua
Now I don’t have to wait to get married to use @Zola which is great news bc tbh, who saw that happening anytime soon anyway! Congrats @shanlynm and team @Zola - gonna go buy up big for @BBGVentures on Zola home rn brb…
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Tom Loverro
“Celebrating USDC at $2 billion: A Request for Startups” by @coinbase
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