If you'd like to make music this 2020...

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On Monday, Graham Cochrane from the Recording Revolution and I opened up our exclusive course, the EP Blueprint…

The all-comprehensive online course that walks you through the 10 simple steps to making and releasing an EP as an independent artist.

The last time we opened up the EP Blueprint, this was what students had to say...

Dennis found the course a great resource as he'd already started working on demos for his EP:

Aaron in Australia was staying up past 1am to dive into the course materials:

And Beat Academy member Blake loved how extensive and encouraging the course is:

Now with just a handful of days left before the course closes on Friday, it’s time to take action.

June is coming to an end…

And we're getting into the 2nd half of 2020.

If you’ve made a resolution to make more music this year, don’t let it fade away.

With the EP Blueprint, you’ll have the knowledge, resources, and accountability to make and release some amazing music this year.

Honestly… this is the perfect opportunity to get your music in gear and release an awesome body of work in the next three months.

So don’t miss out while the doors are still open.

Come Friday, the course will be taken down - so click here to join the EP Blueprint now.

I hope to see you inside before the doors close!

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Beat Academy

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