[helm/charts] [jetstack/cert-manager] upercase HTTP_PROXY env is not working properly (#23254)

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Describe the bug
Containers behind proxy. Container can work with lowercase http_proxy. But in jetstack/cert-manager chart, template/deployment.yaml, the env values are all upercase.

Version of Helm and Kubernetes:
helm v3, k8s 1.18.3, docker ce 19.03.12

Which chart:

What happened:
pod cannot access internet ( cannot request acme cert)

What you expected to happen:
Add lowercase env like below:

{{- if .Values.http_proxy }}
- name: http_proxy
  value: {{ .Values.http_proxy }}
{{- end }}
{{- if .Values.https_proxy }}
- name: https_proxy
  value: {{ .Values.https_proxy }}
{{- end }}
{{- if .Values.no_proxy }}
- name: no_proxy
  value: {{ .Values.no_proxy }}
{{- end }}

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible):
I tested by run a busybox.
set env with upercase HTTP_PROXY, wget is failed. lowercase is working.

Anything else we need to know:
maybe this issue is based on OS. My host is centos 7.

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