Just Released: 9 Buy The Dip Stocks for 2020

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Dear Reader,

Don’t Buy Growth Stocks!

That is unfortunately the clear findings by researchers. That the higher the anticipated growth rate of the company...the lower the actual stock returns.

Yes, this flies in the face of some of the most widely held investor beliefs. Because we all get our heart racing by the discovery of some small growth stock with new services or technology that are about to set the world on fire.

Here’s the problem...

That expectation of tremendous growth leads to an expanding valuation (like higher PE). However, once the company falls short of the lofty outlook, the stock will collapse... like when a pin pops an overfilled balloon.

And that pop only gets louder in the midst of a bear market like we have now.

I don't bring up this potential pitfall as a reason to ignore growth stocks. Rather, the key is to focus on the right kind of growth stocks, at the right price, to greatly increase your odds of success.

Like the 9 stocks found in this new special report.

In my 40 year investing career I have come to appreciate that the key ingredient is finding growth companies with consistent operational excellence. The best living proof of that is when a company repeatedly beats earnings expectations and provides guidance that the future is even brighter than previously believed. What we in the industry call a “beat and raise” earnings report.

The growth stocks in this report all share that quality. In addition, each is trading at substantial discounts thanks to the onset of the recent bear market. That combination of excellent growth prospects along with stellar value makes for very compelling buys at this time.

Get your free copy today by clicking the link below:

9 “BUY THE DIP” Growth Stocks for 2020

Wishing you a world of investment success!

Steve Reitmeister Signature

Steve Reitmeister
CEO, StockNews.com


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