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Greetings, nobody Your new hosting account has been created. Basic information: User panel address: https://www.aba.ae/panel/en Access FTP server: File manager address: https://www.aba.ae/ftp To access the profile FTP account (from which you can access directories of all domains on FTP): Server: mkwk096.aba.ae Login: nobody Password: your_profile_password This account is created automatically when hosting account is created. To access the domain FTP account (to which you should upload your website files): Server: your domain, for example, happyuser.pl Login: you can find it in the FTP accounts section in the user panel, it includes '@' symbol (for example, very@happyuser.pl) Password: same_as_you_set_when_creating_this_account There may be as many domain FTP accounts as there are domains added in the user panel. Such accounts have to be created on your own, it may be done in the FTP Accounts section -> Add. Attention! When logging in to the FTP server, please enter your login exactly as presented above, including the @ character. To connect with your MySQL database use: Server: mysql.aba.ae Port: 3306 Login: your_database_user_name Password: your_database_user_password Name of the database: will_be_generated_after_creating_database Database manager address: https://www.aba.ae/mysql Attention! To be able to use your MySQL database, first, you must create it in the Database section. To set up your email client properly use: SMTP server: mail.aba.ae SMTP port: 587 IMAP / POP3 server: mail.aba.ae IMAP port: 993 / POP3 port: 995 Login: your_email_name@one_of_your_domains Password: your_email_password Email manager address: https://www.aba.ae/mail Attention! To be able to use your email account, first, you must create it in the Email Accounts section. Thank you for choosing our services. Enjoy! :-) -- Having any questions, suggestions or troubles? Please contact us: - Open a new ticket in Support section in user panel - Post a message on our forum: https://www.aba.ae/forum - Send us an email: support@aba.ae Join us on Facebook and find out about our attractive and limited offers: https://www.facebook.com/aba.hosting

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