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In a few hours, the special 50% discount off my brand new Producing Indie Pop course will disappear.

Chances are, I won’t be lowering the price with such a massive discount anytime soon once this special ends.

But with a 60-day no-risk full money-back guarantee, there really aren’t any risks for you to jump in on this special offer.

After all, you’ll have two months to go through the course materials, apply the lessons learned, and if your music production skills haven’t significantly improved as a result of Producing Indie Pop…

It’s just a quick email to get a complete refund of your entire purchase.

Here’s just a quick overview of what you’re getting inside Producing Indie Pop:

  • 4 in-depth modules going through every step of producing Indie Pop, from the ear training, to specific tutorials on sounds of artists such as The 1975, M83, Maggie Rogers, Tame Impala, and many others
  • Comprehensive breakdowns and recreations of the 3 various styles popular in Indie Pop today (no other online music production course has this)
  • Complete walkthroughs on me producing a track to sound just like Indie Pop tracks today, alongside the Ableton Live session files so you can swipe my production and mixing templates
  • A sample pack of the sounds I use inside the course tutorials, so you can get the sounds of Indie Pop drums without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive drum VSTs

And you can get all of that (and much more) with a massive 50% discount, no strings attached… until Midnight Pacific Time tonight. 

Click here to claim your half price off Producing Indie Pop now.

Here’s what Beat Academy member Saf had to say after going through Producing Indie Pop:

And Saf's reaction is just a fraction of the positive feedback I've received since we opened up Producing Indie Pop to new students.

So if you’d like to swipe the best of Indie Pop’s production techniques, sounds and mixing tricks, you know what to do…


Click here to claim your half price off Producing Indie Pop now.

I hope to see you inside before the price increases!

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