Re: [helm/charts] [stable/mysql] MySQL chart version bump to 1.6.6 (#23075)

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Size: 3150 Bytes
Create: 2020-07-07
Update: 2020-07-07
Score: 0
Safe: Yes

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@tylern91: The following test failed, say /retest to rerun all failed tests:

Test name Commit Details Rerun command
pull-charts-e2e 9660c0f link /test pull-charts-e2e

Full PR test history. Your PR dashboard. Please help us cut down on flakes by linking to an open issue when you hit one in your PR.

Instructions for interacting with me using PR comments are available here. If you have questions or suggestions related to my behavior, please file an issue against the kubernetes/test-infra repository. I understand the commands that are listed here.

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