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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I'd like to use the anti-affinity, PodDisruptionBudget and PriorityClass to improve the Schema registry deployment resiliency
The problem comes when most or all the Schema registry nodes are scheduled on the same host and this host get terminated.

Connectors running on KafkaConnect fail to contact Schema Registry and the stop

Describe the solution you'd like
UpdateStrategy is RollingUpdate by default but it's nice to be able to configure this parameter

Not being able to configure (anti)affinity is making my schema register cluster nodes being scheduled on the same node or subnet making it less reliable and failure tolerant

Not having PodDisruptionBudget on this chart makes the cluster less resilient causing the cluster being offline from now and then

priorityClassName allows to prioritise Schema registry PODs to be scheduled over other "no that important" PODs

Describe alternatives you've considered

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