DevOps, DevOps, DevOps (and GitHub Actions)

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Drumroll please: This month, we announced GitHub Actions with CI/CD.
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DevOps is on everyone’s mind—but can be easier said than done.
Try these DevOps expert tips

The countdown is on for GitHub Universe—our biggest product and
community conference.
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Introducing GitHub Actions with CI/CD

When we launched GitHub Actions in 2018, we knew one thing for sure: this. is. a. big. deal. Now, we’re going even bigger. Hear from our CEO, Nat Friedman, as we announce our newest update—GitHub Actions with built-in CI/CD.

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“With GitHub Actions, we get an excellent SaaS-based CI/CD solution that integrates seamlessly into GitHub and will soon allow us to run selected workloads on-premise through self-hosted runners across operating systems.”

-Ingo Sauerzapf, Software Development Manager, SAP

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Ask Hubot

What are three tips for better DevOps?

1. Create connections

Successful DevOps isn’t just tools—it’s also about collaboration. Encourage sharing across your entire organization with a secure and transparent platform.

2. Always automate

Workflow automation ensures consistency in your SDLC and saves time by eliminating manual processes. Automate your CI/CD pipeline to ship fast—and with confidence.

3. Start with security

Protect your code and your customers by integrating security best practices into your workflow. Use the right tools to track potential code vulnerabilities and resolve them as you go.

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Don’t get stuck in these DevOps pitfalls

Nearly 75 percent of organizations have adopted DevOps.* But there are few shared challenges that almost all teams must face along the way. Learn about six common DevOps pitfalls—and how your team can avoid them.
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*2017 State of DevOps Report, Puppet, 2017
“Switching to GitHub Enterprise was not just a version control to version control switch. This was a capability uplift to drive the speed and automation we need for our DevOps journey.”

- Cindy Payne, Associate Vice President of IT Application Services, Nationwide
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Showing is better than telling

GitHub Enterprise Server 2.18 is here. With our latest Enterprise Server release, we’re helping teams build even better with some important updates to project management tools, security features, and the developer experience.

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Make this Universe yours

Join thousands of developers, software executives, and maintainers at GitHub Universe. With talks from open source maintainers, executive panels featuring Shopify, Zapier, and Ford—plus announcements from GitHub product leaders—there's something for everyone.

GitHub Universe 2019
Nov. 13-14
Palace of Fine Arts,
San Francisco

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