Re: [Homebrew/homebrew-cask] Fix adobe-creative-cloud (#85084)

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@endlesslycurious Well tbh the uninstall is something @danielbayley made in #69590 and #68039. However usually HBC does uninstall the casks to replace it when it upgrades them though. Hence the output.

That said, Adobe is notoriously user hostile; frankly, I avoid them like the plague. My wife (whose a Graphic Designer) depends on their software though, so I won't ever be able to banish Adobe in my house, lol. I try to use Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher, as much as I can, although their features aren't up to par with Adobe and their bugs have always been a problem for everyone it seems (๐Ÿ˜‰ @vitorgalvao).

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