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Today’s chat with Michael
If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to hit reply and continue the conversation.
Here’s a copy of your discussion
You Hi there! Does the sales accelerator go over how to create service packages for clients? What about how to put together a proposal?
Michael joined the chat
Michael I appreciate the question. So the program does go over how to create proposals as well as how to go about delivering and packaging your services
Michael If you look at the info page and scroll to the bottom, you can view the curriculum in more detail
You Yeah, not seeing it doing a search... What's the title of those videos?
Michael The week 6 content should cover that portion. If you scroll to the bottom of that page in the link I sent you then it will show you the full breakdown of the course
You Perfect. Am I able to look at week 6's material from the beginning? That's what I need help with right now.
Michael So if you purchase the program now, then the course content is dripped out on a weekly basis. However if you sign the refund waiver form then we can unlock all of the course content for you up front
You Does signing that mean I can't get a refund?
Michael Yes that is correct, but if you like the program and know for sure this is what you want then this could be a good option
Michael ended the chat

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