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Dear F6S User,

We are writing to let you know that we have updated our privacy policy to comply with applicable law, ensure continued transparency, and make sure that the policy is aligned with and accurately reflects our business operations and practices.

We would ask that you read the policy in full but we have set out some highlights below. The changes we have made reaffirm the commitment of F6S to the highest standards of data protection and compliance with all applicable law and good practice, as well as safeguarding the data of ourselves and our users.

What are some of the key changes?
  • We’ve updated how we protect your personal data when we do a cross-border transfer outside of the EEA, Switzerland and the UK
  • We've corrected a few spelling issues
  • We updated the provisions for deletion and retention of personal data
What do you need to do?

You do not need to take any further action in relation to the changes set out in this email. The updates made to the privacy policy will be effective automatically from September 14, 2020 and by continuing to use our service and access our resources you agree to the updated policy.

We strongly encourage you to review the revisions made in detail. You can find additional information about the revisions in the F6S Help Center or by contacting our support team.

Thank you, F6S Team
You received this email as a user of F6S to let you know about an important update to your F6S Services.
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