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Good news for 2021 ✨ 
The Paymium team wishes you all the best.
Happy new year mary e !
The past year has been intense.
The economic uncertainties following Covid-19 virus outbreak turned out to be a case of concrete application of bitcoin's properties.

In 2021, let's turn this crisis into an opportunity for all Paymium's users.
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Wishes that came true in 2020
Bitcoin price increase from its lowest rate (03/13/20) to its highest rate (12/31/20).
ℹ️ New BTC all-time price high on January 8, 2021: 34.1k€ (+753% since 03/13/20).
Increase of the EUR volume achieved on Paymium in 2020 compared to the previous year.
€7.4M : Traded in November 2020. Paymium beats its historic volume record (EUR).
+17.6K : New accounts created on the platforms developed by Paymium in 2020.
But there was even more: 
  • Rewards for your maker orders. ONLY ON PAYMIUM ► Find out more
  • More rewards with our referral program. ► En savoir plus
  • Faster and confidential transactions by using the Liquid Network.  En savoir plus
  • BCIO liquidity mining pools on Uniswap et Balancer. ► En savoir plus
  • Buy bitcoins with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • New banking partner...
The best is yet to come
"They [institutional investors] are all going to invest in bitcoin, no matter who does it first."
Pierre Noizat, co-founder and CEO of Paymium, France Culture (French national radio broadcaster),
January, 9 2021
2021 is Paymium's 10th anniversary. This year will be exceptional.
For several months now, our team has been meeting you (with a mask on), to discuss your needs. For its anniversary, Paymium is preparing to offer you new and groundbreaking services.
"Savings, credit card, investments... so many good services but widspread in so many different platforms. One day I will find everything in one place...."
Markus L., Munich
 "Benefits for BCIO Token owners and an improved interface."
Alexandre P., Toulon
"Safety must remain your priority."
Hélène M., Paris
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In 2021, let's lead the way for crypto awarness in Europe!
The Paymium team wishes you a happy and profitable year for your investments.
Launched in 2011, Paymium is the world's longest standing Bitcoin exchange platform. Since 2018, the company has developed and operates the Blockchain.io platform, a marketplace dedicated to the trading of crypto-assets for individuals and investors. Based in Paris, France, Paymium, has more than 220,000 customers.

For assistance: email us.
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