Re: [helm/charts] [stable/prometheus-operator] adding additionalPrometheusRulesMap results in Helm error (#23057)

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I'm having what I think is a similar problem. I've created a ConfigMap with additional rules and when I upgrade, passing the config map name, e.g. additionalPrometheusRulesMap=monitoring-rules, I get:

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: template: prometheus-operator/templates/prometheus/additionalPrometheusRules.yaml:6:57: executing "prometheus-operator/templates/prometheus/additionalPrometheusRules.yaml" at <.Values.additionalPrometheusRulesMap>: range can't iterate over monitoring-rules

apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: monitoring-rules namespace: monitoring data: kafka-monitoring.yaml: | groups: - name: kafka.rules rules: - alert: KafkaTopicsReplicas annotations: summary: "Kafka topics replicas (instance {{ $labels.instance }})" description: "Kafka topic in-sync partition\n VALUE = {{ $value }}\n LABELS: {{ $labels }}" expr: sum(kafka_topic_partition_in_sync_replica) by (topic) < 3 for: 5m labels: severity: critical - alert: KafkaConsumersGroup annotations: summary: "Kafka consumers group (instance {{ $labels.instance }})" description: "Kafka consumers group\n VALUE = {{ $value }}\n LABELS: {{ $labels }}" expr: sum(kafka_consumergroup_lag) by (consumergroup) > 50 for: 5m labels: severity: critical

I'm pretty sure the YAML is formatted correctly, even tried pulling a rule from prometheus-prometheus-operator-prometheus-rulefiles-0 configmap and changing the names, same issue.

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