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In privacyidea/lib/smsprovider/

> +    def submit_message(self, phone, message):
+        """
+        send a message to a phone via an smpp protocol to smsc
+        :param phone: the phone number
+        :param message: the message to submit to the phone
+        :return:
+        """
+        log.debug("submitting message {0!s} to {1!s}".format(message, phone))
+        if not self.smsgateway:
+            # this should not happen. We now always use sms gateway definitions.
+            log.warning("Missing smsgateway definition!")
+            raise SMSError(-1, "Missing smsgateway definition!")
+        script = self.smsgateway.option_dict.get("script")
+        background = self.smsgateway.option_dict.get("backgroud")

[codespell] reported by reviewdog 🐶
backgroud ==> background

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