Re: [Homebrew/homebrew-cask] Do not overwrite files in /usr/local/bin without warning when installing (#86221)

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Thanks for the quick response. I think the solution in #86222 is a shame.

There is no reason from the user's point of view to forbid the coexistence of the vim brew and the macvim cask, other than the cask's insistence on overwriting the brew's files, which is something does not need to do in order to function. Wanting both brew vim and macvim cask is a pretty reasonable request. While macvim comes with a handy GUI, it uses an older version of vim itself and is generally kept less up to date.

There are patterns to handle this situation throughout the brew project, e.g. caveats that inform the user of additional post-install steps they may take to set up links or configure their shell, brew cask install --links options etc. I understand setting these up are not free, and simply declaring a conflict is the easiest solution, but would you consider another PR?

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