A real device lab saves you days of testing

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Testing your mobile app's features on multiple devices can take you days. But it doesn't have to.

Empowered by Sofy’s Real Device Lab, testers just like you quickly provision a real device from the cloud, perform manual tests, and automate them, testing early and testing fast.


With Sofy, you:

  1. Save time: Run tests concurrently on multiple devices and save time performing end-to-end testing. With the Sofy Real Device Lab, you can quickly execute regression test changes against multiple devices without the need to rely on different emulators. You can test with ease on real devices.
  2. Save your creativity & energy: Let someone else worry about the cost to store, manage, update, and maintain the mobile device library. Focus on the good stuff.
  3. Scale better: Add more devices to your end-to-end testing strategy as you scale with ease.
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You should be focused on shipping your app, not testing. And I look forward to helping!


Hyder from Sofy