Re: [helm/charts] [stable/datadog] Handle arguments in the cluster-agent command (#22922)

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Indeed, with the current version overriding the command
either in the values:

  command: ["agent", "start"]

or in the command directly:
--set clusterAgent.command[0]=agent --set clusterAgent.command[1]=start

      - name: cluster-agent
        image: "datadog/cluster-agent:1.6.0"
        command: [agent start]
        imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent

Which does not work.

With the new logic, for the same values.yaml or --set we have:

        image: "datadog/cluster-agent:1.6.0"
          - "agent"
          - "start"

we're resilient to the quotes as well.

I have seen a few use cases where users move files around before starting however (the proper way to handle this would be through an init container). But I could see the feature request coming in the future to support the args:

      - args:
        - -c
        - echo "test"; agent start
        - /bin/bash

which is not possible at the moment. Let's do that in another PR as this is a fix.

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