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Create: 2023-07-21
Update: 2023-07-21
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Cloudflare Extension to deploy Workers locally with Miniflare & LocalStack!

We have introduced the Cloudflare Extension to deploy Workers locally with Miniflare & LocalStack! Miniflare is a fully-local simulator for developing and testing Cloudflare Workers. You can now use our LocalStack Extension mechanism to leverage a high-fidelity, local-first developer experience for your Workers development! Using the Cloudflare Extension, you can leverage the emulated version of the Cloudflare API, allowing you to create local services, script uploads, and deployments — while leveraging the full power of the LocalStack AWS emulator.

CaseStudy Xiatech

Xiatech uses LocalStack to accelerate their cloud development!

Xiatech uses LocalStack to accelerate cloud development and empower devs with local AWS environments! We spoke with Rick Timmis, Head of Engineering at Xiatech, to learn how Xiatech uses LocalStack for building, testing, profiling, and debugging infrastructure, and how our local cloud emulator has empowered engineers to be independent of their local development and test tooling.


Learn how Xiatech managed a 10x reduction in infrastructure spin-up time with LocalStack


📢 Register for our next LocalStack Community Event!

We are organizing our next Community Event to discuss AWS-specific features that can help you succeed as a cloud developer. This community event will feature two talks from our Engineering Team, and they will talk about how you can get started with Lambda & IAM on LocalStack and drive your adoption with LocalStack's cloud emulation capabilities. Join us to learn more about advanced capabilities such as Lambda code hot reloading, remote debugging, IAM policy auto generation, and more!

LocalStack & Testcontainers

Make your Cloud Integration Testing easy with LocalStack + Testcontainers

Local development and testing is crucial  for engineers to ship onto production environments with confidence. Testcontainers supports your tests by providing lightweight, ephemeral instances that can run in a Docker container. With LocalStack, you can leverage Testcontainers to enhance your Cloud integration testing and make it easy! Check out our new community blog to learn how to develop cloud applications and run your integration tests locally.

Video - How to reload Lambda functions locally

📺 Learn how to hot reload your Lambda functions locally with LocalStack

LocalStack enables you to hot-reload your Lambda functions so that you can avoid having to deploy your Lambda with every change just to debug and test it. You can mount your source code directly into a Lambda function, and execute it without deploying it on AWS. Check out our new tutorial, where you will learn how to use LocalStack to hot-reload & test your Lambda functions!


Share your feedback

We are excited to share that we have passed 150,000,000+ pulls for the official LocalStack Docker image. We are glad to see the community grow and propel our dream of a local-first cloud development loop powered by LocalStack! As we continue redefining cloud development for our users, we would love your feedback to improve our product & offerings. 

Join our LocalStack Discuss to share your suggestions and help us become the standard platform for local cloud development.

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