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Chat started on 25 Jul 2020, 01:04 PM (GMT+0)
(01:04:05) *** Dammy #389270673 joined the chat ***
(01:04:05) Dammy #389270673: Hello
(01:04:09) *** Dennis joined the chat ***
(01:04:20) Dennis: Hello Dammny
(01:04:23) Dammy #389270673: It’s been three days and I haven’t recieved an email regarding my irder
(01:04:24) Dennis: How can I help you?
(01:04:33) Dennis: Are you a customer or rider?
(01:04:38) Dammy #389270673: Customer
(01:04:44) Dammy #389270673: Order?
(01:04:55) Dammy #389270673: Sorry I meant regarding my order
(01:05:26) Dennis: I'm sorry to hear that - let me look into it for you.
(01:06:01) Dennis: Thanks for waiting.
(01:06:11) Dennis: i see here it has been voided and this will take 24-72 hrs
(01:06:20) Dennis: So we need to wait until tomorrow.
(01:06:47) Dammy #389270673: I don’t understand
(01:06:55) Dammy #389270673: What do you mean by voided
(01:07:39) Dennis: What happened to your order?
(01:07:42) Dennis: Please tell me more
(01:07:54) Dennis: What was the order id?
(01:08:00) Dammy #389270673: I’ll check it
(01:08:25) Dammy #389270673: All I had was an order number
(01:08:56) Dennis: What was the order numbe
(01:09:03) Dennis: The issue happened on 22
(01:09:12) Dammy #389270673: 673
(01:09:22) Dammy #389270673: Yes on the 22
(01:09:32) Dennis: What happened on this order?
(01:09:41) Dennis: Please give me more information
(01:09:50) Dammy #389270673: My order was damaged
(01:10:11) Dammy #389270673: The drink had been punctured and it went over all the food
(01:13:18) Dennis: We often carry out routine reviews of refund requests. In this instance, your refund request has been passed onto our Customer Accounts team to review and process. They will come back to you within 24-48 hours to confirm your refund. I am sorry that I am unable to resolve this matter for you right now, but please keep an eye out for their email which you should receive within 48 hours.
(01:13:57) Dammy #389270673: No problem
(01:14:08) Dennis: Thank you for understnding
(01:14:18) Dammy #389270673: Thank yo
(01:14:18) Dennis: Is there anything else aside from this that I might be able to help you with?
(01:14:21) Dammy #389270673: No
(01:14:23) *** Dammy #389270673 left the chat ***

NAME Dammy #389270673
PHONE +44 7396 060545
LOCATION Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
URL Deliveroo://1595682240685

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